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Based on the Quiz your website style is Vibrant & Modern.

The Vibrant & Modern website style works well for creative entrepreneurs that want to show a lot of personality in their website. This website style allows you to show experience and diversity to your brand attracting a more universal style of website visitor.

This website style works well for photographers that have vibrant and true to live editing style. Perfect for wedding planner’s that need to display a portfolio from different photographers and still show experience and consistency to their high-end clients.

Colour Palette suggestions

A vibrant & modern website style doesn’t mean you have to have a ton of colours within the website itself. The website can be a combination of the other website styles, bold, fun, and clean. Here is a great example of Vibrant & Modern brand boards.

timeless website style

Showit Template recommendations

There are four templates that I would recommend for the Vibrant & Modern Website Style. Montenegro, Beverly, Parker, & Mesa templates all use colour & white space to their strategic advantage and offer different features.

The Montenegro template is perfect for wedding industry vendors (photographers & planners) that want to show off more depth to their wedding style.

bold & deep website style

The Beverly template is a modern template with lots of pages for a more complete look. This template is perfect for brand photographers wanting to share a vibrant portfolio with their clients.

The Mesa template is great for family photographers that offer a couple of different services as well as mentoring or coaching, without overwhelming the visitor.

bold & deep website style

The Parker template is perfect for photographers that offer one type of photography service. It is a modern template that offers lots of places to add bits of colour.

Parker Showit Template

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