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Based on the Quiz your website style is Timeless & Elegant.

The Timeless & Elegant website style works perfectly for sophisticated brands within the wedding industry that want to show off a luxury feel. This style works for experienced brands that want to work with more high-end luxury clients.

This website style works well for photographers that like an editorial and magazine photography style. It also works really well with photographers that like to shoot film as well as digital. It allows for creative use of white space for wedding photographers that want to show off their extensive photography portfolio.

Colour Palette suggestions

The Timeless & Elegant website style will have limited colour within the website itself and allow for the photographs to add most of the colour into its branding and website. These colour palettes can be more monochromatic. Monochromatic colour palettes will show a progression of colour without overpowering the photographs. Here is a great example of Timeless & Elegant brand boards.

timeless website styletimeless website stylewebsite style timeless & elegant

Showit Template recommendations

There are two templates that I would recommend for the Timeless & Elegant Website Style. The Oxford & Tofino templates all use white space to their strategic advantage and offer different features.

The Oxford template is perfect for photographers offering wedding and engagement photography who want to show off their timeless black and white & film photography.

bold & deep website style

The Tofino template is great for photographers that offer a couple of different services as well as mentoring or coaching. This template is a little more classic in style and offers loads of space for big photos.

Tofino Showit template

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