Website Style: Fun & Playful

Based on the Quiz your website style is Fun & Playful.

The Fun & Playful website style is perfect for photographers that want an approachable brand style. This works especially well for family and senior photographers wanting to attract modern and playful clients.

This website style works well for photographers that have a vibrant colour portfolio and want to show off how fun their photo sessions can be.

Colour Palette suggestions

A fun & playful website style can still be modern and sophisticated. It doesn’t have to be childlike or tacky. Here is a great example of  Fun & Playful brand boards.

fun & playful website stylefun & playful website style

Showit Template recommendations

There are three templates that I would recommend for the Fun & Playful Website Style. The Laguna, Parker & Beverly templates all use colour to their strategic advantage and offer different features.

The Laguna template is great for photographers that offer a couple of different services. This template is more colourful than most and allows for lots of creativity.

fun & playful website style

The Parker template is perfect for photographers that offer one type of photography service. It is a modern template that offers lots of places to add bits of colour.

Parker Showit Template

The Beverly template is a modern template with lots of pages for a more complete look. This template is perfect for brand photographers wanting to share a vibrant portfolio with their clients.

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