The Showit platform is drag & drop meaning you can move graphic elements anywhere on the page. This makes it really easy to customize your template to fit your brand.

Why choose a Showit template?


There is ZERO coding required to customize your Showit template. You can move elements around and get it "just right" without ever needing to know what <img> means.


The customization options on your Showit template are endless. You can easily customize fonts, colours, photo, content, or add pages and remove sections.

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Is Showit the          Platform
for your website?

Check out this blog post with the different website platforms available to you, so you can make the right decision about your new website.


Resources & SEO

content blueprint

Story brand style wireframe helping your write your website content with prompts.

SEO fill in the blanks

venue pages

52 Blog prompts

SEO Kickstart

guides & education


Easy to implement SEO for beginners. Fill in the blanks meta titles & descriptions.


Up-level. your SEO with venue pages. Questions to ask, content to include & predesigned layout.

Step by step blog strategy for wedding photographers. How to use your blog for SEO.


For beginners & no tech argon. Find your keywords & know how to use them.

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This product is non-refundable due to the immediate download delivery.

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What you can expect from this e-guide:
- the benefits of creating venue pages on your website
- implementation options (blog vs. website page)
- what to include on your venue pages
- venue questionnaire
- sample venue page design

This Venue Pages guide will walk you through how to design venue pages and what information needs to be included in them to help your overall SEO strategy.

Venue pages for seo

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This product is non-refundable due to the immediate download delivery.

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What you can expect from this e-guide:
- explanation about what SEO is and how it works
- a case study of a wedding photographer working through the guide
- brief introduction into keywords and how to select the right keyword for your website pages
- explanation of meta titles, meta descriptions, meta tags (H1/H2/H3 & Alt tags)
- Fill in the blank formula for meta titles, meta descriptions, H1 & Alt tags

This Fill in the Blanks - SEO for Beginners guide is designed to help you understand what SEO is and how to implement the basics into your website without going too far into the strategies.

SEO Fill In The Blanks

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This product is non-refundable due to the immediate download delivery.

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What you can expect from this e-guide:
- explanation about what SEO is and how to create a blog strategy
- 52 Blog title prompts for wedding photographer (and wedding industry professionals)
- worksheet to plan out your blog for the year
- worksheet to plan out your blog posts

The best way to drive traffic to your website is through blogging. You need to create a blog strategy so that you're not just driving traffic to your website, you're driving the right traffic to your website, your ideal clients.

blog strategy for wedding photographers

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Our Showit templates are different than other designers because they are designed with a focus to attract & convert your ideal client. Yes they look pretty but they will also help you get more qualified leads & bookings.

Strategically Designed Website to help your brand go from undiscovered to magnetic in just a few days

you don't have to feel overwhelmed when picking a new template

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I totally get it, you're burnt out from hustling in your business and you're ready to elevate your brand to work less and make more. 

I can help you elevate your online presence so you can start charging what you want to charge and work with those clients that ignite your creativity.

Being a wedding photographer for over 8 year I understand how your clients are viewing your website and how to strategically take them on an online journey so they see your value, and book you!

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