Showit vs Squarespace: Which website builder is better for photographers?

There are many different platforms on which you can build your new website. So how do you pick which one is best for you? This blog post is going to look at the features of Showit vs Squarespace to help you get an idea of which platform is better for you.

Not all platforms are created equal, so I’m looking at Showit vs Squarespace

Not all platforms are created equally, actually, a lot of them are very different from each other. They can be different in cost, functionality, design restrictions, blogging, SEO, so picking a platform that is going to work best for your type of business is important.

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In the case of Showit vs Squarespace, there are a few features that both platforms do really well.

They both host your website

Both Showit and Squarespace are not just platforms where you can design your website, with a monthly membership they also host your website on their servers. It’s really nice to have everything in one spot. For someone that’s not super comfortable in the webspace, it’s nice to just have one place for all the things.

They both have in house support

It’s nice that both the companies have their own in-house support staff. When you have an issue or need something figured out you’re contacting someone directly in their office, not somewhere overseas. As a designer, I love this.

Lots of templates to choose from

They both have lots of templates to choose from. You can find templates in their shops, but there are also lots of designers selling templates on their own websites, in creative market, Etsy and more.

The areas where Showit vs Squarespace are different.


Easy integration with eCommerce

From what I can see it is easier to implement a shopping cart, and eCommerce website using Squarespace. The eCommerce is built into the platform and works similar to Shopify (with some key differences we don’t discuss here). If you want to add a store to your Showit website you will need to implement a third-party app to your Showit website like Shopify Lite buttons or ThriveCart.

You need to start with a template and not everything is customizable

On both platforms you will find lots of templates that you can choose from, the main difference being that with Squarespace you have to use a template. You also need to find one that’s pretty close to what you want it to look like, because not everything is customizable in the template.


Completely customizable

The Showit platform is truly a designer’s dream come true. Although you can start your website with a template you can customize just able anything on your website. Your creativity is really the only limit. You can change colours, fonts, photos, text boxes, you can change shapes and sizes, alignment, where it’s sitting on the page, of anything element on the template.

Drag & Drop / No Coding

Best of all when you’re customizing your new website everything is drag & drop. You don’t have to learn any coding whatsoever to be able to customize your new website template to your brand. It’s very much like using Canva but for your website.

User-friendly platform

The Showit platform is very user-friendly. Elements are named logically, it’s easy to see where to adjust things. You can easily preview your website without posting it live and the undo feature is the best.

Creative freedom

You really have full creative freedom when it comes to building a website on the Showit platform. Yes, you can start with any website template you like and customize it, but you can also start with a blank screen and build something truly unique to your brand.

Easy to add SEO

SEO is really easy to add to your Showit website, and it has more SEO capabilities than Squarespace. You can adjust your Meta Title & Description on every page. Change your H1/H2/H3 tags on each page and add alt tags to every photo on the website.

Your blog is WordPress

When you get a blog with Showit, you actually get a WordPress blog. If you haven’t used WordPress before, it’s simple to learn, and there are tons of tutorials around. I love that the blog is with WordPress because WordPress is blogging. You can add Yoast for awesome SEO capabilities. Your Showit template translated to your WordPress blog so it looks absolutely seamless on your website.

Awesome customer service & community

Showit is an amazing company, and it cultivates an amazing community. A community of designers, photographers, educators and more. They bring each other us, celebrate each other and it’s a blessing to be a part of such a supportive community.

When it comes to Showit vs Squarespace, for me it was a no brainer. With more capabilities, flexibility and SEO, Showit is hands down the better platform for creative entrepreneurs.

A gift for you!

I hope this post has helped you decide on a Showit Subscription that will work for your new website. If you would like to get a Showit Discount Code for 1 Month Free off your Subscription (any account) just fill out the form below.


How do you switch to Showit from Squarespace?

If you are thinking of Switching from Squarespace to Showit but a little apprehensive about the process? It’s really not that difficult

Steps to switch from Squarespace to Showit:

  1. Create an account with Showit (there are 3 tiers to choose from)
  2. If you purchased your domain through Squarespace move it to Google (this will not affect your site as is right now)
  3. Purchase a Showit template from my shop and customize it to fit your brand, create the website of your dreams. If you need help customizing your website here are some Showit website customization options.
  4. Get your domain info & connect your domain to Showit.
  5. Migrate your blog (Don’t worry Showit does all the heavy lifting!)
  6. Test your new website (click on all of the links and make sure everything is working on Mobile & Desktop).
  7. Cancel Squarespace account.
  8. Connect Google Analytics & Search Console (So you can keep track of what’s happening on your website!)

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If you have any questions about building a new Showit website or would like some support customizing your Showit website give me a shout!

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