SEO for Showit: Get more traffic to your website

There are lots of ways to get more traffic to your website. The best way to drive your ideal clients to your website is through an optimized blogging strategy.

Keyword research

What are your keywords?

The only way to create an optimized blogging strategy is to first do your keyword research. Keyword research is writing down all of the keyword phrases your ideal client is probably typing into Google when they are looking for your type of services. (You will end up with a lot of keywords… my first time I had 175 keyword phrases).

Competitive Analysis

Then you’re going to do a competitive analysis for the top keywords on your list. A competitive analysis will tell you how competitive that keyword is on search engine result pages. If the first two pages are full of magazines and directories, you may choose a different keyword to try and rank for.  You want to choose keywords that your ideal client is searching for, but it’s overly competitive.

Search Console

It’s a great idea if you already have Google Search Console installed to see what keywords your website is already ranking for. You may just want to improve your optimization for those keywords.

Pick your keywords

Now that you’re done your keyword research it’s time to pick the keywords you want to use for each page of your website. The rest of the keywords you wrote down you will use for your blogging strategy!

Optimized Blogging Strategy

Now that you have your keywords you want to create an optimized blogging strategy. I find it easiest to create a quarterly blogging strategy so that I can repurpose the content for my social media. You can download the free Blogging for SEO Planner to help you create your blogging strategy.

Batch blogging

I like to write 4 to 6 blog posts per month. So I select that many keywords for the blog posts I am going to write. I like to select related keywords so that I can reuse my content on social media. I blog on the first Sunday of the month, and write my blog outlines before then so I’m ready to write on batch day.


Using a template that I purchased on Creative Market, I create a number of graphics for each blog post. I use the graphics on the blog, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram.

Repurpose Content

From each blog post, I am able to get at least 2 pieces of content to reuse on other social media platforms. More on Pinterest. I like to share about the post itself, and then pull out some tips from the blog post and share them separately.

Get more traffic to your website

By creating a blogging strategy like this you will get more traffic to your website. A blog post (unlike a social media post) works better for your website the longer it’s available. So, when you’re Instagram post is irrelevant after 24 hours (or less), your blog post is probably still getting you website traffic after 2 years!

If you have any questions about creating a blog strategy feel free to reach out via my contact form.

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