Is your Showit website attracting the right type of clients? Does Google even know your website exists? Are these questions you're asking yourself but

There is a lot of trial and error that goes along with SEO. Plus, since it can take 3-6 months to see if your effort will be successful, it can be hard to tell if your efforts are working for you or not.

I can help you understand SEO, without technical jargon that makes your head spin. I will add your on-page SEO into your Showit website, and help you build an SEO strategy to support your SEO goals.

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You Want More Web Traffic

Your website shouldn't be sitting there collecting dust. It should be attracting website visitors that are your ideal clients so you can get more inquiries. This starts with knowing your (& competitors) keywords.

This services is right for you if ...

You're Tired Of The Tech Talk

If you have already tried to figure out the whole SEO thing on your own. But you're tired of all of the tech jargon, and still aren't seeing results, I'm here to simplify things.

Need A Website Audit

There are a number of factors that go into good on-page SEO, and part of that is within your content and website design. SEO for Showit includes a full website audit.

SEO for Showit Experience

The SEO for Showit Experience is designed for entrepreneurs that are looking to clean up their current or new website and add on-page SEO to help them rank better on Google.

✓ Kickoff Call
✓ Discovery Questionnaire
✓ SEO Kickstart Guide ($199 value)
✓ Website Audit
✓ SEO Strategy Call #1 (Keyword research & competitive analysis)
✓ SEO Strategy Call #2 (Blogging & Off-page SEO)
✓ Google analytics review
✓ Google search console review

✓ Writing page titles & descriptions for up to 10 pages
✓ Writing H1 tag for up to 10 pages
✓ Cleaning up website tags H1 / H2 / H3 
✓ Alt tags for photos (non-gallery pages)
✓ Adding meta titles & descriptions into Showit website
✓ Google Analytics setup in Showit

✓ Request 3, 6 & 9 month check-ins to review your Google analytics

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Investment: 1800

The experience includes:

save $300 when adding adding to a website design service

turnaround 2 Days


SEO For Showit Process

When you book SEO for Showit we will have a Kickoff Call, to go over the project, introduce you to the SEO Kickstart Guide and pick your start date.

Before our Kickoff call on Day 1, I will perform an audit on your website and review your discovery questionnaire to understand your business and ideal client.

We will review your list of keywords and do a competitive analysis to pick the right keywords for each of your Showit website pages.

Before we start

Day 1: website Audit


After the call where we finalized your on-page keywords. I will write your SEO titles & descriptions and implement them into your Showit website. I will also clean up your website tags (H1/H2/H3) and add alt tags to your photos.

Day 1: SEO writing & implementation

The second discovery call is to review the SEO that was implemented on your website the day before. Show you how to maintain that SEO on your Showit website. We will review your Google Analytics & Search Console, and I will answer any questions you have. 
We will create a plan for you to follow to help your on-page SEO efforts. This will include backlinks, blogging, guest posting strategies to help increase your Domain Authority (& yes I will explain what that is).

Day 2: SEO Strategy Call #2

Your on-page SEO is complete and now we're ready to publish your website. Add to your calendar your 3, 6 & 9 month SEO check-ins.

You're ready to launch!

How it works


when can I book my check-in calls?

can you do this service for websites not on Showit?


Can you add seo to my current website?

Absolutely! For the SEO for Showit service your first payment of 50% will be due at the of booking. Then the final payment is due the day we start your service.

Yes. I can implement the SEO for Showit service to any current or new Showit website.

I love working with clients on different platforms for their SEO, however I am not able to implement your SEO on other platforms. In this case I recommend booking two strategy calls instead of the Showit for SEO Service.

You can book a 20-minute check-in call at 3, 6, & 9 months after the service. In these calls we will review your Google analytics and Google Search Console. I will make suggestions on adjustments you can make to your website to try to improve your results.

Can you help with off-page seo?

During this service we will discuss other strategies to help you with your SEO efforts. This includes backlinks, blogging and guest posting. I will give you advise on how to do these strategies, however implementation of off-page SEO is outside of the scope of this service.

"I thought all I wanted a pretty website. I had no idea that I needed a complete business makeover. What I got was beyond what I dreamed of aesthetically and it produced clear direction for me and my business moving forward. Before working with Joanna, I struggled with confidence. I needed to niche down and increase prices but was scared. Through her website process and business coaching, I gained confidence and clarity. My website today makes me swoon and I am incredibly proud of it. I used to cringe when people asked about my old one. Now I can't wait to show people! My business today feels more representative of me and my work. I am getting more work of the work I love doing. I have a clear understanding of where I am going and how to get there. I owe that to Joanna and her process."

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