Venue Pages for Showit to help your SEO

venue page showit templateAdding venue pages to your Showit website is a great way to get in front of potential brides during their wedding planning process. Venue pages can be really great for SEO because they can provide great quality content, and it’s easy to use the venue keywords on these pages.

When I shot weddings I would also use venue pages as a way to get backlinks from venues that I loved to work at. Venues loved the feature pages I created for them, and they were more than happy to add my business to their feature vendor list in return.

“We have to see things 7 times before it registers”, that means that a potential client needs to see your name, website, photos, logo, seven times before they contact you. Venue pages are just another touchpoint that you can get in front of that potential client.

How will venue pages help your SEO?

Venue keywords usually have a lower competitive rank than other keywords in the wedding industry. Lots of venues do not focus their SEO on weddings because that is not their main revenue, so they will have one page somewhere buried into their website talking about weddings. This is a great opportunity for you to show yourself as an expert at working at this venue, and provide your potential couple with great information.

Why rank for venue keywords?

Ranking for venue keywords is going to be much easier then location or popular keywords because there won’t be as much competition. (More about this in the SEO Kickstart Guide)Any page on your website that has quality content and is rich (not stuffed) with keywords will help your SEO. These types of pages are easy to create trust with your potential client, it will show you as an expert in the area.

venue page guide

Planning to add venue pages for showit to your website. I have put together this Venue Pages: Step by Step Guide to help walk you through the process. What you’ll find in the Venue Pages guide:

  • explains the benefits of having venue pages.
  • gives you options on where to add the venues pages on your website
  • walks you through adding SEO to your venue pages
  • tells you what type of information to add to your venue pages
  • questionnaire to send to venues to gather information
  • design example for your website

This 12-page guide is only $14!!  Get your copy today!

Free website review resource

There are many resources that are available on this topic. Some are much too technical for beginners. So I have created a free Website Review Checklist download for your website usability and SEO, which you can grab below. Also coming soon is the SEO Made Simple guide for photographers. Though it’s translated to other industries the examples are specific to photographers. Get on the mailing list to be the first to know when the guide & workbook will be released!

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