10 Things to do before you launch your DIY Showit website

You’ve taken on the huge task of creating your own website and you’re able to launch. It feels amazing to have the job done. But you may be hesitant to scream your URL from the rooftop because you’re not 100% sure it’s finished. This is exactly where I can help you! Here are 10 things that you need to check before you launch your DIY Showit website

10 things to do before you launch your DIY Showit website

The things you should check before you launch your DIY Showit website

Use this blog post to give your website a review to see what pieces you may be missing on your site.

Clear heading on each page

Keeping your website organized is important to keep your visitors on the site. Clear and consistent page headings will keep your visitors from guessing where they are on your site.

Consistent branding throughout

Showit makes this really easy. Keeping colours and fonts consistent throughout your website with their design settings. When you’re using another platform, just make sure to use the same font styles for all of your headings, subheadings, buttons and paragraphs.

Clear tagline: What you do and where you do it

The first thing that your clients are going to be looking for on your website is that you can solve the problem they are currently experiencing. So tell them right away who you are and what you do.

A clear call to action on the home page

If you want your clients to buy your product, tell them that, and have a clear and easy way for them to buy it from your home page. If you want them to contact you for a consultation, tell them that, and have a button on your home page where they can book it.

Newsletter signup (even if you’re not going to use it right now)

Even if you don’t have any plans for email marketing right now, add a newsletter signup form to your website now. Your future self will thank you for thinking ahead and having a list of emails all ready to go when you are ready to start email marketing.

Include links to your social media

Have your social media links available in the footer or header of your website on every page. Make sure the links are working. Your visitors are going to want to see what you’ve been posting recently.

Check that your contact form works

Check, double-check and then have a friend triple-check that your contact form is working properly before you launch. You don’t want to lose potential clients to cyber space.

Have 2-3 blog posts uploaded to your blog

Create some content for your visitors, so they know that if they come back there will be more great content available on your site. Don’t just put up a Welcome to my blog post and call it a day. Create some solid quality content that will speak to your clients’ pain points and show them that your services are the solution.

Check that there are no broken links

Click on every link on your website. Make sure that they all lead to where they are supposed to go. Then check again.

Check spelling and grammar with Grammarly

If you’re not so great with the words, download Grammarly. Grammarly will help you with spelling, grammar, among a whole bunch of other cool features in their premium version. I highly recommend having it installed.

Other things to check before you launch your DIY Showit website…

There are other things that I recommend checking before you launch your DIY Showit website, like SEO, but that’s another topic for another blog post. Some SEO courses you’ll find will be much too technical for beginners. So I have created a free Website Review Checklist download for your website usability and SEO, which you can grab below. Also coming soon is the SEO Made Simple guide for photographers (though it’s translated to other industries the examples are specific to photographers). Get on the mailing list to be the first to know when the guide & workbook will be released!


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10 things to do before you launch your DIY Showit website

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