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How to blog a wedding for SEO

Blog a wedding for SEO

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Blogging doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. When you blog a wedding for SEO,  you can have a plan and a formula so it’s quick, easy and painless!

I started shooting weddings over a decade ago when blogging weddings was the go-to way to show off your current work to clients. Instagram started around the same time but the platform wasn’t nearly what it is today. Blogging was the way to stay engaged with your potential clients. You would post at least once per week so when your clients came to your blog there was fresh new content waiting for them. The way you used to blog weddings for SEO the same that we do today. Thank goodness! This type of blogging was exhausting but very similar to keeping up with an Instagram account, just with more writing and maintenance.

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Blogging weddings for SEO

When you blog for your business for SEO luckily it’s quite a bit easier than it used to be. For starters, because most of your clients are looking at your latest work on your social media account, they are probably not going to your blog on a regular basis to check out what’s new. They will visit your blog when you share something new on social media and refer them to your blog post. This is great because you can plan your blog posts in blocks each month. I like to plan 4-8 posts that I create each month, but I do them all on one day. I don’t have the date written on my blog so readers don’t know if I posted all of the posts in one day or spread out over the month. Luckily Google doesn’t care!

Balancing blogging for your clients & blogging for SEO

When you blog a wedding that you have recently shot, there is a fine line between creating the post for your client vs. writing it for SEO. When you write a post for SEO, you want to write the details of the wedding, and not so much about the story. The words that are going to catch Google’s attention is not going to be the same story that catches your client’s attention.

How to blog a wedding for SEO vs. your clients.

Your potential clients are going to love your story about how the bride’s grandmother recently passed away and you used some of her heirlooms when you were shooting the bride’s details as she was getting ready. They will love the story of how the grandma was the one that taught the bride about true love and all that is wonderful in her life.

When blog a wedding for SEO, Google wants to know that this was a summer wedding at ABC Golf Club. The flowers were from local florist XYZ, with blush, pink and nude roses and peonies in a hand-tied bouquet. Her dress was off white from the boutique LMN. The bride wanted to shop local the details at her wedding.

The difference between the two stories is very obvious. Your job is to know who are you writing to blog the wedding for SEO or for the client as well. (There is a way to make both camps happy – your posts will just be longer).

There are many resources that are available on this topic. Some are much too technical for beginners. So I have created a free Website Review Checklist download for your website usability and SEO, which you can grab below. Also coming soon is the SEO Made Simple guide for photographers (though it’s translated to other industries the examples are specific to photographers). Get on the mailing list to be the first to know when the guide & workbook will be released!


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