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See Success in Your Business with 17Hats

Being a small business owner seems like a dream when you’re working 9-5, then you realize how much administrative work there is and it can be more like a nightmare. Using a CRM system can help you create workflows and automation in your small business and help you get some of that creative time back in your day. I’ve been using 17Hats for 4+ years and it’s by far the best choice for my small business.

Running your business with two currencies

Unlike other CRM systems 17Hats allows me to have one account set up for two different currencies. That means I don’t have to pay for two accounts, log in and log out, set up two systems just to look at both my Canadian and US/International clients. This has saved me a lot of time, and a lot of conversion headaches.


I’m able to use 17Hats with my Showit website.  You can create different lead-generating forms in 17Hats and then use that small piece of code and imbed it into your website. When you fill out the contact form it populated directly into my 17Hats account. It also has the ability to automate emails to these new leads, so when I’m at the pool with the kids on the weekend 17Hats is responding to my new leads!

17Hats also integrates with my payment systems so that I can accept payments directly from my invoices. No headaches collecting payments, whether is using Stripe, Square or Paypal.


With 17 Hats I have the ability to send Quotes, Invoices, Contracts and Questionnaires to my leads. I will set up my Quote and then have my Invoice & Contract ready to go. That way when the client accepts the quote the invoice and contract are automatically generated. My clients can accept their quotes, sign their contracts and send me their deposit before I get back from my evening walk. I can also set up workflows with automated emails and follow-ups if they haven’t accepted the quote after a couple of days.

17Hats has helped me get time back in my business and it can do the same for you!

Use this link to learn more about how 17Hats can help your business. Also to get a cool 50% off your first year of 17Hats.*

17hats crm for photographers

If you have any questions about 17Hats, or anything website / SEO related please feel free to contact me anytime.

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17hats crm for photographers

* The review in this blog post is my own, based on my experience using 17Hats for the last 4+years. The link to 17Hats is an affiliate referral link.

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