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5 ways to prepare your business for vacation

If you’re anything like me the last week before a vacation gives me excitement and anxiety. I want to enjoy my vacation but at the same time I want to make sure that my clients are well taken care of and don’t feel like I’m MIA! So here are a few ways I prepare my business for my family vacation or business trips!

1. Create an out of office email response. Although I answer my emails once a day while on vacation because I want to make sure that my clients don’t miss me. I still create an out of office replay to let them know that it may take until the end of the day for me to get back to them. Some clients are used to hearing from me within an hour, and well thats not going to happen on vacation!!

2. Prepare my blog posts. If I don’t have time to write all my blog posts ahead of time, I make sure that I know what I’m going to be writing about while I’m away and have the right photos with me to accompany my posts.

3. I tell the clients with the weddings that are just around the corner know that I am going away and that I am back before their wedding! I let the clients that just had weddings that I’m going away; and ensure them that their photo delivery won’t be affected by my little getaway! Brides can get a little anxious around their wedding and think you may have forgotten about them, or that you won’t be back in time! I let them know that I will be back in plenty of time for their wedding even if I’m delayed!!!

4. Backup and turn off my computer. I make sure that all my backups are complete, and then I shut off all my gear just in case! I also make a backup of the weddings and sessions that have not yet been delivered to clients and bring a copy with me… just…in…case…!

5. Clear my to do list! The last thing I want to do on vacation is think about all of the things that I am supposed to be doing, or would have been doing if I was home. So I look at my tasks that I would have done while I was away, I complete what needs to be done prior to my departure and then change the deadline for the other tasks for after I get back!



  1. Kayla Grey says:

    These are great tips! One day I will actually be about to go on “vacation!” I will have to remember these!

  2. Jessica says:

    I love these tips! Life is so crazy around here that we never go on vacation, but we’re planning for a mini vaca next summer so I’ll definitely use some of this advice!

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