Do I need a website or is Instagram enough?

As a new small business, you could be asking yourself “Do I need a website or is my Instagram account enough?”.

The short answer is if you’re a business owner, yes you should have a website. A website adds a level of professionalism and legitimizes your business. You can get a customized domain with your business name, which can also be used for your email address. This will further show the professionalism of your business.

Are you playing business or are you in business?

The time to get a website doesn’t depend on if you’re a new business or a business several years in. It really depends on whether you’re wanting to run a business or “play” having a business as a hobby (not that there is anything wrong with that).

Your Instagram account is a great place to show your most recent work, and make a connection with your followers. Build a brand and likeability, so that when followers go to your website they turn into clients. Instagram is a great way to reach out to other vendors and venues, make connections and network online.

Your website is there to show your clients that you are a legit business, you’re not just having fun playing business. Your website is where you can build trust through testimonials, and your compelling content. You can show your experience through your portfolio and blog posts showcasing your greatest work. Plus you can show your clients what you can offer them on your service page.  You will feel way more confident charging what you know you’re worth when you have a professional-looking website to back up your pricing.

If you’re still on the fence on if you need a website leave a comment below and ask me all the questions.

Now that you know if you need a site, and are wondering where to start check out the other posts on this blog to help you get started.

do i need a website

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