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Should you post your price on your website?

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Photographers and other service industry professionals always ask if you should put your price on your website. This has been a topic of struggle for many, and there seems to be 3 camps. Team yes put your pricing on your site. Yes but only a starting price. No, just no pricing at all. Is there a right or wrong answer, I’m not sure. In this post, we will go through which way is best for your business.

are you adding a price to your website

Yes, put your price on your website!

There are some photographers that will put all of their pricing on their website. This makes it really easy for potential clients to see if photographers is in their budget. Which is great if you get lots of leads each day. Non-qualified leads will weed themselves out and you won’t have to worry about replying to dozens of “How much do you cost” emails each day. However, I do feel like there is such a thing as giving away too much information too quickly. Adding your full package price on your website, and answering all of your clients’ questions will give them little reason to with questions. You may also see some qualified leads un-qualifying themselves because they didn’t get a chance to talk to you; they think you’re out of their budget when really you’re not.

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Yes, but only your starting price.

This is almost a happy medium for people that cannot make up their minds if it’s better to put a price on your website or leave it off. This has always been my go-to for photography websites. It will prevent people from price shopping but it still leaves the question of how much will it cost me. Making the client contact you with details about what they need and ask you for more details. This is really the ideal situation if you’re looking to increase bookings with qualified leads.

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Some people prefer to have not pricing at all on their website. I think two types of people do this, on either side of the pricing spectrum. The super high-end services that if you have to ask for the price you probably can’t afford it. Or those that are new in business that want as many leads from their website as possible, even if they’re not qualified. My reluctance to this method is that you will probably get lots of price shoppers hoping that your services are super cheap. You may also lose potential qualified leads that think that you’re too expensive for their budget.

At the end of the day, trail and error is the best way to figure out which way to go when it comes to addinga price on your website. I think that what direction you should go in is dependent on a few things

  • How long have you been in business?
  • Do you want to answer lots of emails, not all of which will be qualified leads?
  • What are your prices compared to others in your area? Are you on the higher end or lower end?
  • Are you testing the waters with new pricing?

Do you have any questions about pricing and how to put it on your website? Feel free to contact me!

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