Wedding Photographers Websites Need this

Wedding Photographers Websites are usually beautifully designed, but do you have the 5 things that you need to ensure that your website is successful?

Wedding Photographers Websites need to be seen by brides before they know they need a wedding photographer. Once the bride is on your website, you need to make sure to give her all of the relevant content she needs quickly and with minimal distraction. Make sure that it’s not hard for potential clients to buy your services.

showit website template for a wedding photographer

Calls to Action & Message

You want to make sure that you have a clear message of what you do and a call to action when a bride arrives on your website. You may hear that you want these items “above the fold”. This means to have this information where a bride doesn’t need to scroll. Your call to action can be “Book a session”, or “Buy our product”; make it easy for a bride to contact you. Your message should give your bride a clear idea of what you do and where you do it. “Fine art wedding photographer in Salt Lake City, Utah”. Don’t make them guess.

A venue area leading to venue pages

The best way to get in front of potential brides is in the beginning stages of their wedding planning. Brides tend to first look for a venue so they can set a date. Then they will look into booking their photographer and planner. So wedding photographers websites need to get in front of brides is when they’re looking for a venue. A top venue page on your Showit website, one click off of your home page, is the best way to do this. On the venue page itself, make sure you have lots of relevant content about that venue. You can send a list of questions to the venue and tell them you will be creating a feature page on your website (they’ll love this). Then include photos you have taken at this venue, plus links to weddings you’ve shot there and posted on your blog.

A blog using Yoast SEO

Wedding photographers websites need to have a blog to showcase their work, and provide brides with fresh relevant content. Blogging is an important part of keeping your Showit website content fresh and relevant. Most people don’t blog because they find the task overwhelming, and they think they need to blog several times a week for it to work. This just isn’t the case. If you blog 3-4 times per month and use Yoast SEO to optimize the post it’s better than nothing! You also don’t need to space out your blog posts, where you’re posting a new one every Monday. I like to write my blog posts all in one day at the beginning of the month so that I have lots to share on my social media throughout the month. Remember to use Yoast SEO to optimize your blog posts and ensure they are rich in relevant content.

Add a contact form on every page

One of the reasons that brides are not using the contact form on your Showit website is because you’re adding click from the spot they made the decision to contact you. If a bride is has been to your portfolio and has seen your starting at price on your services page and has made the decision to contact you. Make it easy for her to contact you; add a contact page to every page of your website. When we make potential clients take extra steps, do extra clicks on our website we risk losing the sale.

Consistency (Your brand, your photos)

You want to make sure there is consistency on your Showit website from page to page. But also consistency in your brand between your website, your portfolio and your social media accounts. Pick photos for your website that are consistent with the type of client you want to book more of. Remember that the people viewing your website don’t know the story behind the photos, so they need to stand strong without more information. If you’re still finding your editing style, make sure that the style is consistent on your website and in your portfolio. If you are not a photographer, and get photos from different photographer, only put one style of photo on your website. You can add different photographers photographs in the blog; but your website should be a direct reflection of your work and style.

Wedding photographers websites can get complicated quickly, if you do not keep consistency in your work. Contact me anytime if you have any questions or setup a Website Coaching Website Coaching Call.

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