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2020 Website Design Trends

2020 website design trend

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Every year we see count downs to the top things of the past year, this year I’m looking forward. I want to give my prediction for the upcoming 2020 Website Design Trends.

The website design industry has seen a huge evolution in the last decade. We have transitioned from the linear, stock boxy website design to more open concepts that allow for more creativity and expression of self. Business owners need to stay on top of these 2020 website design trends to ensure that they keep their users captivated and motivated to user their website, instead of going to their competitors.

Move towards more User Experience focused design.

As users evolve, we have to create new and exciting things to captivate them. As technology design changes, so do the expectation of the user.  Websites will need to be more focused on user experience. How are people using your site, are they getting what they need at their fingertips. Is it mobile friendly?

More playful design.

With platforms like Showit gaining popularity users can have more creative designs built for their websites. The flexibility of these platforms allows for a lot of creativity for the design. This makes the possibility for custom website design almost endless. Though it may make it harder for the end-user to DIY their website. Although platforms such as Showit are very user-friendly to building DIY websites.  With no creative limit, some end users may find it easier to hire a professional designer to put their dream website together.

More monotone colour palettes.

I don’t think we’ll see less colour on websites. However, I think the colour palettes will be more focused on the companies brand. You’ll see more sites with varied shades of one colour versus a rainbow of colour that can just confuse an end-user.

Animation and illustration.

With the gain in popularity of video in social media, this trend will translate into more micro animation on websites. I love this 2020 website design trends because it’ll allow for even more creativity into each website design. I think we will also move towards more custom illustration and fun designs.

Focus on storytelling.

We are going to see more brand storytelling than we have before. Lots of marketing books I’ve read recently are encouraging business owners to build a story around their brand. This would make it easier for customers to connect with the brand and the story behind it. I think this will become a big part of content creation in 2020. More companies will be highering content writers to create the content for their website so that it resonates with the customers. They will want to tell a story that people will remember and retell to their friends.

Thumb friendly designs.

Having a good mobile-friendly website has become increasingly important. However, moving forward more websites will be thumb-friendly. Websites will have everything within thumbs reach on their mobile site, allowing users to scroll, user and buy with one hand.

More white space.

I love the use of white space, and I think we’re going to see a lot more white space, and minimalistic design moving into 2020. Strategic placement of design elements, and not overwhelming your user with unnecessary information. This is a trend I will welcome with open arms in 2020.

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2020 website design trend

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