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What is a branding session?

A branding session is more than just headshots, it’s a lifestyle shoot for your business and brand. It includes not only photos of you but also the things that you use in your business. Such as your laptop, your phone, notebooks, or anything else that is representative of your work and in your brand colours.

What can I expect from the branding session?

Your branding session will start with us having a video chat where we will explore your brand. We will make a plan of the shots we want to take so that you have enough photo content to last your social media for at least 6 months. We will come up with 3 locations to shoot, as well as your office, and the outfits that you will have at each location. At the end of the session you will end up with 20 unique location/outfit photos – and of course several photos from each of those combinations.

Any recommendation on how to prep for the session?

Choose a combination of casual, business and elegant outfits that will fit every occasion. You will want to have your hair and makeup done that morning as well, so that you’re looking your best. Prepare props with the same colour palette as your brand. Notebooks, pens, laptop, phone, books, and anything else that may be representative of your brand. I will shoot the details at your home or office. Tip: make sure to clean your screens.

How much does the session cost?

The session fee is $1399 plus tax. You will pay a $500 non refundable fee to hold your session date and then the remainder is two a few days before your session. Until March 1, 201 your session will only cost $499 when mentioning this blog.

Where can I use the photos?

You can use these branded photos anywhere you like. They are great for your website, your social media redirecting clients to your website and print ads if you do that sort of thing. You can use and reuse photos as much as you want.

If you have any questions about branding session, or are interested in booking one please fill out the form below.

    Is a branding session right for your business

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