6 Reason You Should Build your New Website with Showit

Up-level your business to get more leads going into 2022 with a new Showit website.

As newly engaged brides & grooms start their wedding planning process it’s a good idea to refresh your website for 2022. There are lots of different platforms that you can use to design your new website. Each platform has its own pros and cons. Photographers should take a serious look at the Showit platform for their website going into 2022.

7 Reasons you need to use showit

Here are 6 Reasons you need a new Showit Website to Kickstart 2022 with a bang!

#1 – Ease of use

The Showit platform is truly one of the easiest website platforms to use, for creating websites. Everything you need to create a great website is at your fingertips. The platform is very user-friendly, it’s easy to find what you need. You can drag and drop website elements like text blogs, photos, galleries, shapes anywhere on the page like you would in Photoshop or Canva. This allows you to have unlimited creativity and unique designs.

#2 – There are lots of templates to start with

There are lots of templates that you can purchase for the Showit platform. In the Showit store, Creative Market, and on designers’ websites. However, the best part of Showit isn’t that there are lots of templates, it is that you can customize the template to look like anything you want it to. Change the location of photos and text blog. Remove and move elements around the pages any way you want. This allows you to create a truly unique experience for your ideal customer.

#3 – No coding required

You do not need to know how to code to use Showit. There is actually no coding required for you to create an amazing website. You have the ability to add code if you want to add a contact form from your CRM, like Dubsado, Honeybooks or 17Hats, but that’s totally optional for you.

#4 – Blog with WordPress

Unlike other platforms, Showit uses WordPress for the blog side of their websites. WordPress is a powerful blogging tool, and great for SEO. Your Showit blog templates translate directly into WordPress so there is no extra work for you. Just start blogging.

#5 – SEO is easy to implement

Showit has made it super easy to add your meta titles, descriptions and all your tags. You don’t need to be an SEO expert to implement the basics of SEO into your Showit website.

#6 – Amazing community

Showit has built an amazing community around its platform. Anyone you talk to will rave about Showit, the platform and the customer service. Showit has integrated tech support via messaging into their platform, and they are quick to answer; they also have an emergency ticket system for those Oh Shit moments.

Bonus – 1 Month Free!

When you join Showit you get a 14-day trial so you get to try it out and see how you like it. But what if you can get another month for free. Snag the discount code when you fill out the form below.


Transform your business with a new Showit website.

Just into 2022 with a Showit website to start attracting more of your ideal clients, and start converting those visitors to raving clients!

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