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Tofino Showit Website Template

tofino showit website template

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The Tofino Showit website template is designed for a wedding photographer or wedding planner wanting to show off their amazing talent in an elegant and strategic website.

Designed using Showit

The Tofino Showit Website template is designed using the Showit platform to maximize your ability to customize the template to fit your needs easily. The Showit platform allows you to easily change the colour and fonts in this template. It is a drag and drop platform so you are able to change any parts of the website template that don’t fit your website needs.

Included with the Tofino Showit Website Template

Showit website pages

  • Home
  • About
  • 1 Service
  • 2 Service
  • 3 Service
  • Contact
  • Coming Soon
  • Links

WordPress blog pages (designed in Showit)

  • Blog Home
  • Single Post
  • WordPress Blog Page
  • 404


The Tofino Showit Website template is optimized so they are SEO friendly. You just have to plug in your Meta Titles, Meta Descriptions and Alt tags. The website is also mobile-ready, so if your content doesn’t change too much you will not have much customization that needs to be done before your mobile site will be ready to launch.

What makes Showit the best?

I’m going to age myself here, but I have over 15 years of experience designing websites. I have worked with Adobe Dreamweaver, WordPress, ProPhoto, Wix (among others). I choose to work with Showit because I find that Showit is the best all-around platform that gives you amazing flexibility with the design (a designer’s dream). You also get all of the benefits of working with WordPress for your blogging, which is awesome for SEO.

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Need help customizing your template?

If you need help customizing your Showit website template I have services available to help you, including complete Showit website customization + SEO. I also offer Showit Training Calls if you are customizing your Showit template on your own and need some support along the way.

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tofino showit website template

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