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Should You be Using a Digital Planner?

ditigal planner

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Whatever your job or daily routine, we all have one common aim – to get organized. And the best way to be organized is to plan. No more wasted time cross-checking emails about when the big deadline is or what time your back-to-back zoom calls are scheduled; it’s all stored in your planner.  

But wait, did you just leave it in the taxi? Or did your drink leak in your bag? Did Fido eat it just to prove he’s not always a ‘good boy’? Oh, no! What’s a planner-less girl to do? She doesn’t panic; she does digital. 

  digital planner

Making the Switch from Paper to Paperless Planning 

Listen, I’m as much of a stationary fiend as the next gal, especially when it comes to cute planners. Planners help me take control of my day and make me feel super organized. And having a well-laid-out planner that is functional and pretty is never going to get old. 

But I used to get twitchy about losing or damaging my paper planner, and I’d also become increasingly mindful about how much waste I created. I’d been asking myself what small swaps I could make in my daily life that were more earth-kind but still kept my working life tight. And one of those was: should I be swapping to a digital planner?

My answer? I already use a digital note maker – GoodNotes – so using a paperless planner should be a breeze. And it felt so good to be right! 

How to Streamline Your Day with a Digital Planner

I didn’t even feel a pang when I transitioned from paper to paperless planners. Because by using an apple pencil, my iPad, GoodNotes, and a downloaded digital planner, I found it was just as much fun as using my old paper planner. In fact, it’s not only fun, but it also gives me so much more scope. It’s sharpened up my scheduling, made cross-referencing easier, I can merge my notes, and it’s so much less wasteful – mother nature will be pleased. 

If you haven’t already started thinking about digital planners, now’s the time. They are functional but fun and make for a fuss-free planning experience. All you need to do is search for a digital planner that suits your workflow, download it and add it to GoodNotes or Notability and you’re good to go. 

Plus, because GoodNotes can be synched across all your iOS devices, you no longer have to riffle through bits of paper or write key dates into different diaries and schedules. 

Ready To Get Digital?

There are so many digital planners available that suit general users. Just as many to suit your business niche or personal needs. There are great digital planners for social media content planning, goal setting, habit tracking, or all of those things and more. 

And having experimented with digital planners for a while, I decided that I should create my own. And it’s perfect!

The Joanna Moss digital planner for 2023 is ideal for photographers, events planners and creative professionals. It’s got a crisp modern style, plenty of space for creative note-making and brainstorming, trackers for your social media marketing, and so much more.

So if you’re ready to switch from paper to paperless, get your digital planner from Joanna Moss Creative – and you’ll never have to worry about losing your planner ever again. 

digital planner digital planner digital planner

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