Brand & Website Design Inspiration for a Hawaii Wedding Photographer

. I love to create sample brand designs and website designs for the type of clients I would love to work with. This Brand & Website Design Inspiration for a Hawaii Wedding Photographer has been something I’ve been thinking about for a long time. I am inspired by Hawaii and it’s down-to-earth feel, and I love how even though they have tons of destination weddings there. The wedding photographers I love to follow are always true to the island culture. Here is a brand and website design I would love to see for a Hawaii wedding photographer.

The Brand Inspiration

The inspiration behind the brand I created for this Hawaii wedding photographer is the sun setting over the pacific ocean. I didn’t want the typical light and airy, very colour vibe that most photographer are using in the area. This brand would feel more unique and authentic to a photographer that loves to shoot in deep, rich sunset colours. This brand wants to attract mid-high range clients so I kept the logo more text based and using the plumeria graphic only as an alternative watermark. The graphic can be used as an accent throughout the website, as well as on the business cards and social media. It can really tie in the entire brand without using words.

hawaii photographer brand inspiration

The Website Inspiration

I started this design with the Tofino template, so it would be built out on the Showit website platform. I love the versatility of this template. It offers lots of space for large photos but still keeps a strategic design to convert visitors into leads.

The call to action on this website is going to be bold. Your CTA should let visitors know exactly what you want them to do next.

There is plenty of space for website content. So you are able to get your keywords in and optimize the website for search engines. Even though there is a lot of area for content in this website; I do want the photos of the Hawaiian islands to speak for themselves.

This website would have a service page to outline the wedding experience, which is important for destination weddings, as well as a portfolio, to show off the consistent work this photographer offers. The blog allows the photographer to write posts to rank for additional keywords and show off their latest work.

wedding photographer website inspiration

This brand and website design inspiration for a Hawaii wedding photographer are vibrant and bold. An alternative website template would be the Montenegro template, also built for the Showit platform. If you have any questions about this website design inspiration please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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