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Laguna Showit Website Template is designed for photographers that offer more than one type of service, or have multiple types of ideal clients.  Created to allow you to separate your different services and still have a beautiful cohesive website. The design is fun and modern. It is shown in colourful desert tones, but this Laguna template can easily be customized to fit any brand. This Showit template is sure to create a more professional-looking brand, making it easier for your visitors to Know, Like & Trust your business.

Laguna Showit website template

What is Showit?

The Laguna Showit Website template is designed using the Showit platform, which is what makes it so easily customizable. The Showit platform allows you to easily change the colour and fonts in this template. It is a drag and drop platform so you are able to change any parts of the website template that don’t fit your website needs.

What’s Included with the Laguna Showit Website Template

Showit website pages

  • Home
  • About
  • First Service
  • Second Service
  • Third Service
  • Contact
  • Coming Soon

WordPress blog pages (designed in Showit)

  • Blog Home
  • Single Post
  • WordPress Blog Page
  • 404

The goodies

A few other things you should know about the Laguna Showit Website template. This template is SEO-friendly and Mobile ready. Sounds great but what does that mean for you?

Creating a strong SEO strategy is an important part of attracting more visitors to your website, which is why I find it so important to make my Showit templates SEO-friendly. You just have to plug in your Meta Titles, Meta Descriptions and Alt tags and you’re ready to go. The website is also mobile-ready, which means that although I still recommend that you check how your mobile site looks after you have entered your own content. Your mobile site should be pretty much ready to go.

Why Showit?

I have worked with Adobe Dreamweaver, WordPress, ProPhoto, Wix (among others) and however I choose to work with Showit because I find that Showit is the best all-around platform out there right now. You get amazing flexibility with the design, which is a designer’s dream. You also get all of the benefits of working with WordPress for your blogging, which is awesome for SEO.

Get the Showit template today!

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Need help customizing your template?

If you need help customizing your Showit website template I have services available to help you, including complete Showit website customization + SEO. I also offer Showit Training Calls if you are customizing your Showit template on your own and need some support along the way.

Get the Showit template today!

Get the template today!


Laguna Showit Website Template

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