In a winter wonderland - Joanna Moss Creative

Getting a little personal in this post. I’ve taken some time off this holiday season to spend it with family, have some fun while the boys are on their winter break. I am extremely thankful for these wonderful three amazing humans in my life. They bring joy and happiness to a boring everyday kinda day, there is adventure and laughter at every corner. I’m grateful how patient they are with me as I grow this business.

Today we went out for a little walk in our little winter wonderland; enjoying Boxing Day 2017…. together.

I am excited about this new chapter of my business in 2018, and growing to new heights, but also setting some limits. This year will be the first year that I will cap my weddings at 20 for the year so that I have time to spend with the boys in the summer on their break, not just working none stop. We are also going to take a couple of vacations this year, we love to travel, and we all need warm breaks.

In a winter wonderland

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