How to add an FAQ canvas to your Showit website

In this blog post, I will show you how to add an FAQ canvas to your Showit website. Let’s talk about why you want to have an FAQ section on your website. It will…

  • Save time: You will have a place to direct visitors to those questions that take up time in your inbox.
  • Pre-qualify leads: Answering the simple questions to help visitors pre-qualify themselves for your services and weed out the price hunters
  • Save money: This blog post includes a link to my free Showit FAQ template, so you can customize it on your own using the Showit drag & drop platform.

Download the FAQ Canvas Template

Grab your free copy of my Showit FAQ canvas template here. You will be asked to fill in your email address and a unique Share Key for the template will be emailed to you right away. Grab your download here →

Add the canvas template to your Showit account

You are now ready to add your unique Share Key to your Showit website. You can do that by following the instructions here → 

Once you have your FAQ canvas template in your account you can now add it to your Showit website.

Adding the canvas template to your website

Now that the template is in your Showit account you can add it to any page of your website. You can customize the template to fit your website style and branding. Change the content to answer your visitor’s frequently asked questions.

Follow this YouTube video to help you add the FAQ canvas to your current Showit website.

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