Why you need a custom email address?

Before I talk about why you need a custom email address let’s play a little game. Imagine you have a beautiful boutique shop, in a fancy neighbourhood. A customer walks in the door of your site and wants to ask  you a question about your services. You walk out of the back room in your pyjamas. What do you think the customer is thinking when they first see you. First impressions are lasting impressions. Are they thinking wow this is a professional looking person, are they going to trust you with the service or product you are selling? You’re probably laughing right now, but when you respond to you clients emails with an @hotmail.com or @gmail.com email address you may as well be greeting them at the door in your pjs!

The benefits of having a custom email address

  • You will build client trust with an email address that is the same domain as your website.
  • It will help you build and solidify your brand
  • It adds credibility to your home business
  • You can create multiple email addresses for different things to track where your leads are coming from

If you have a website, you have already purchased a domain address with a company like GoDaddy. You can then create email addresses @yourdomain.com; such as info@yourdomain.com or hello@yourdomain.com. You can then setup GSuite (a google app) where you can use the Gmail app to pickup your email. In this post I won’t go over how to setup GSuite. You can google “Setup my email with GSuite”, and find lots of resources for that.

The old saying “dress for success”, is hard to do when everything is done online. You can have professional looking headshots, but if you’re website and email address are not professional looking you are doing yourself a disservice.

custom email address and gsuite

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