Branded Photos for Instagram

Create brand photos at home

Every month I like to created a mini shoot in my house to create brand photos for my social media. I wanted to share with you some detail photos that I’ll be using for the holiday season on instagram. I will also show you what the room looks like when I’m shooting. It’s super quick and super easy to do this in your own home. There are a few tips to make life a little easier.

Have a nice table or surface for your photos

You want a consistent look to your photos, if you have a nice table you can use great. If not fake it! Use a white board from the dollar store, or vinyl shelf cover if you want a move polished look.

Have a colour plan

You want to get into the festivities of each season whether it’s Christmas or Easter or New Years, but you still want to stay true to your brand colours. So find details that will match your brand. Christmas bulbs come in every colour, you can paint easter eggs any colour just as an example.

Take shots from lots of angles

I don’t want to be shooting brand photos more than once a month. It takes me about an hour to shop for my details, 30 minutes to shoot, and another 30 minutes to edit and upload my favourites. If I borrow items from other vendors, I’ll upload a gallery for them to use as well.

Make sure to have good light

Try and shoot in the same spot every time you shoot brand photos, so the light is consistent on you social media. Sometimes finding the best light can mean blocking light that is a different colour coming from one direction. I just use two boards from the dollar store to keep my light consistent. You can also buy additional lighting if you are working in a dark space.

Final Tip

Make sure to use the same preset for all of the photos; consistency is key then doing brand photos.

//Grinch Trea: Basket Kase Creations 4U // Pink Christmas Balls: Handlettering by Bev // Other holiday items: Micheals Crafts

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