4 Ways to add pricing to your website (or not).

There are lots of creative ways to add pricing to your website. This blog post will go over a few of these options. It will review the pros and cons, plus the design. This post will not tell you if you should have pricing on your website or not, that is more of a personal preference based on your business objective.

pricing on your website

Why add pricing to your website?

Regardless of whether you want to add your pricing on your website or not, you still need to have a pricing area on your site. Why? Your clients will be looking for your pricing, so there needs to be a spot where you acknowledge that they have found what they’re looking for.

Design options:

No Pricing:

I’m starting with no pricing because some photographers want clients to contact them for any pricing information. This is a great strategy, but you still need a pricing area to acknowledge what clients are looking for on your website.

Starting at:

One step up from no pricing is starting at price.  This tells clients what they can expect your base price to be but still encouraged them to contact you for exact pricing.

Average Investment:

Another option is to tell your clients what the average investment of your couples is. There is always a high and a low, but this will give your clients an idea of what they can expect to spend.

Full pricing: (not recommended)

If you want your clients to weed themselves out, having your package pricing on your website is a good way to get rid of price shoppers. This will discourage potential clients from contacting you.  It is not recommended for photographers where you’re wanting to clients to fall in low with you and your style, not just your price.

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