3 organizing tips for back to school

Ok this is not going to be photography related at all, but it’s what’s on my mind right now and what I’m doing in between editing for weddings on the weekend!!

My family is doing the Back-to-School thing for the first time this year. My older son is heading into Kindergarten and my younger is heading in to Preschool for the first year and I’m starting to panic that I don’t have a plan. I hate waking up early in the morning so I feel like I ned a good plan and routine so that I don’t have to wake up too too early. I started thinking what would make my life easier.

1) My son hates getting dressed in the morning and picking out his clothes so I decided to reorganize his closet and make things a little easier for him. I am addicted to Pinterest and get all my organizing tips from there, I can’t take full credit for any of my home improvement ideas!! I found this awesome idea where I can organize his clothes into outfits for each day of the week. I think it’s brilliant, I don’t think it’ll work for me to actually label them of what he’s going to wear each day. But if I send him to pick a t-shirt to wear to school the pants, socks, etc will already be hanging with it. That way only one decision to be made in the morning! Photo credit: Pinterest (unknown).


2) The second main thing I need to do is organize lunches. I already got a few really cool bento box style lunch boxes by Goodbyn for the boys, they have lots of sections so I have to give them less containers and less garbage at the end of the day. I wanted my boys to be more involved in making their lunches so that they’re more inclined to eat them as well. So I’ve started to organize the pantry to make it easier for the boys to see what type of snacks we have and what their options are. Photo credit: Pinterest (unknown).


3) Lastly keeping everyones schedule organizes with pickups and drop offs and after school activities, plus my meetings and shoots I need to keep everyone organized so I’m not stressing and overbooking myself. So I’ve setup a family calendar area that has the monthly calendar, but also has a weekly overview or what’s going on, plus a meal plan for the week ahead. Photo credit: Pinterest (unknown).


I have just a little more organizing to do and I’m good as gold and prepared for September; bring it on! It’s not prepared me for letting my baby go for full days, everyday, I don’t think there’s nothing that can prepare me for missing them all day. But pinterest can only do so much for me!

What does your family do to prepare for back to school?


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