Website in One Day might be right for you if:

You resonate with designs that visually appeal to you.

You want a customizable website you can manage and edit later.

You're looking for a template-based site uniquely tailored to your brand.

You prefer starting with a template enhanced by professional customization.

Your website needs are straightforward, limited to 5 pages without complex or e-commerce features.

You're seeking a stunning, premium website quickly and efficiently.


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Quick Turnaround

This service is perfect for those needing a swift solution. It prioritizes efficiency, ensuring your website is ready promptly, which is crucial if you're working against a tight deadline or eager to launch quickly.

Personal Understanding

The service is not just about design; it's about connection. You'll collaborate with someone who takes the time to understand your vision and brand, ensuring the final product resonates with you and your audience.


Ideal for busy individuals, this service takes the burden of extensive DIY website design off your shoulders. It provides a complete, professional result without requiring you to invest significant time and effort.

Why this works for your Showit Template:

Affordable Luxury

You'll get access to high-end designs without the hefty price tag typically associated with premium services. It's a cost-effective way to achieve a professional, luxurious look for your website.

how this works

Website In One Day

Website Prep

Before your Website Design Day, it's important to have a few key items ready: finalize and gather all your website content, ensure your DNS is set up, have a Showit account with your chosen template purchased, and upload and optimize all necessary photos. Additionally, completing the Design Day Workbook is crucial for a streamlined design process. These steps will set the stage for an effective and productive design experience.

What's Expected

For Design Day, clients should be fully available throughout the day for a seamless and productive experience. It's crucial to have all content finalized by the Friday before Design Day. Ensure your DNS is set up in advance, and your Showit account and chosen template are ready. Photos should be uploaded and optimized beforehand. Having a clear understanding of your ideal clients will aid in making quick, effective decisions. This preparation enables us to create a customized website that meets your expectations and fits within your budget, all within the span of a single day.

Brand Design

We will kick off Design Day with your brand design, a process that builds upon the workbook and tasks you've completed beforehand. This stage involves crafting a typography-based logo, selecting brand colors, and defining typography to establish your brand's visual identity. Additionally, we'll create a mood board to visually represent the essence of your brand, ensuring that all these elements cohesively align to embody your business's unique character and vision.

Template Customization & SEO

During the Design Day, template customization focuses on effectively tailoring up to five pages to suit your brand's needs. This process includes two rounds of revisions, conducted via a Zoom call, allowing for real-time feedback and adjustments. Additionally, basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is incorporated to enhance the online visibility of your website. This tailored approach ensures your website not only aligns with your brand identity but is also optimized for reaching your target audience effectively.

before the day

Design Day

Design Day

Design Day

Launch & Celebrate!

One of the great things about starting with a template? The entire process is expedited. The Website In One Day project typically proceed in a timeframe of 9am - 6pm PSTon Design Day. Launch the site you can't wait to show off and get back to doing what you love most. 👌🏼

Design Day

Website In ONE Day

The Design experience is designed to take the perfect pieces from your Showit template to create an authentic to you website. 

✓ Brand & Website Discovery Questionnaire
✓ Kickoff Meeting
✓ Assistance picking out the perfect template

BRAND DESIGN (with no logo)
✓ Color Palette (up to 5 colours)
✓ Typography (up to 4 fonts)
✓ Mood Board

✓ Template NOT included*
✓ Showit template install
✓ Custom content document with prompts
✓ Template Customization for desktop & mobile with up to 5
✓ Customization of fonts, colours, photos, content to match branding
✓ Remove any un-needed canvases from the template
✓ Basic SEO (Page titles / descriptions / image tags) **
✓ Google Analytics setup in Showit
✓ 2 revision call
✓ SSL Certificate Setup
Need a blog? This service will be better for you →

Joanna Moss Creative Template Included / OR
✓ 15% off for Tonic Site Shop *

✓ Post launch LOOM recording to walk you through your new website
Content Blueprint ($79 value)
SEO Kickstart Guide ($199 value)
✓ 1 month free Showit (for new accounts)

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Website: 4500

The experience includes:

prices in USD. payment plan available.

for showit templates only


"I highly recommend Joanna Moss Creative. Not only will it look great but she will give you a website that attracts your ideal clients with her SEO expertise. "

— macandb Events

"Deciding to have Joanna build my website was honestly one of the best decisions I could have made. There is absolutely no way I could have had the beautiful new website I have if I did it myself-even with a template."

— brynn burke

“I wasn't sure a template was the right choice for me, but wow, the end result feels so custom!”

— client name

Frequently Asked Questions

Heck No! The Tonic Template Customization process will ensure that your template looks like a custom website and is authentic to your brand.

Since I'm starting with a template? Does that mean I'm going to up with a site that looks like everyone elses?


All website designs are create on the Showit platform. It’s the best, most customizable platform on the market. Blog templates are designed in Showit for WordPress.

What platform will my website be on?


Of course! I love SEO, it satisfies the logical side of my brain. I have created the SEO Kickstart guide that is included with this service. It will walk you through keyword research and implementation. You can also add SEO Foundations services to your Showit template customization project.

Will my website be searchable on google? Do i need seo?


Yes of course! Showit is a drag-and-drop website platform, so you can easily update your website. Showit template customization service comes with a pre-recorded Loom video walking you through your website showing you how to do this.

Will I be able to make changes to my website later?


If you think this service is right for you please use the form below to apply. Please note there are only 2 spots available for Website In One Day each month.

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