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Don’t get caught launching your website with errors. This Pre-Launch Website Checklist will help you launch your new site with confidence!

I’m going to paint you a picture. You’ve been working on your website for months and you’re super excited to finally launch it. You’re so excited that you launch it before doing a final review. You post it online and send it to your mailing list, the response is amazing. “Wow, your site is so beautiful”. That’s when it happens, someone responds, “It’s so pretty but I clicked on this link and it doesn’t work”, crap! You forgot to check the links! What else did you forget to check? Now your site is out there and you’re not sure how many little details you forgot to check, you’re panicking. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! I’ve created this awesome “Before you Launch: Website Checklist” that you can download for free!

What you should know about this Website Checklist.

This website checklist will go over the most common errors that I see when businesses are launching a new website. This is the same checklist I use with my clients before launching their website. Some of the items on the list are visible to viewers when they look at your site, others are behind the scenes.

What you’ll find in this checklist.

This checklist goes over a few areas of your new website. It goes through your desktop website, the mobile website, blog and SEO checklist.

When you’re reviewing your website.

Although it’s easy to review your own website, it’s also easy to miss things when you’re reviewing your own website. I highly recommend having a friend beta-test your site. Ask them to go in read it, click on everything and try to break it! This will help you find any spelling errors or broken links before you launch.

If you have any questions about the Pre-launch checklist feel free to contact me.

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Website Checklist: Before you launch

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