Showit Website: DIY Template vs. Hire a Designer

When it comes to your Showit Website, there is no doubt about it there are dozens of awesome templates that you can choose from and customize by yourself for your business. The other option of course is to hire a Showit Website Designer and have a custom designed Showit website specially made for your business. So which is better? In this post I’m not going to try and convince you that one way is better than the other. I am going to review both options so you can make the best decision for your business.

DIY Template website

  • When you customize your own Showit website using a template you have complete control over your site. You can make any changes you want, add your content and photos, and move things around.
  • This may be the quicker option. If you are motivated and are familiar with the Showit platform, you can launch your own site in just a few days.
  • Depending on the website template that you choose, this will most likely be the more affordable option for you.
  • This option is definitely more work. But it’s a DIY project, perfect for those that don’t mind putting in the work.
  • There are dozens of beautiful templates to choose from on the Showit Template Shop.
  • If you haven’t used Showit before there may be a bit of a learning curve. There are some great resources to help you; the Showit User Facebook Group, Showit Help files, and Showit Support.

Sage Showit website template

Hire a Designer, Custom Website Design

  • When you hire a designer you have a creative professional create a website specifically designed around your brand, around your business to cater to your ideal clients.
  • This option will be more costly than the DIY template option.
  • This is a great option if you cannot find one template that you like. Or when you find several different templates where you like bits and pieces of each.
  • Your responsibility will be create your content and deliver your images, the rest will be done by your designer.
  • Depending on how comfortable you are with Showit this option may be quicker than the DIY option. Your designer should give you a turnaround time that they can deliver your website with.

custom designed showit website

There’s a third option!

If you’re leaning towards the DIY option because it’s definitely more in your price range. However you don’t have any experience working on your own website, and don’t really have time to learn. There is another option. You can purchase a Showit template and hire a designer to customize it for you. You would provide the designer with your brand font and colours, your content and photos and they’ll fill it all in for you. This process can usually take less than a week depending on the designer. It’s more affordable than a custom website, but easier on you than DIY!

Whichever option you choose. You’re come to be very happy with your new Showit Website!

designer sitting with client looking at website

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