You have a business that cannot be shown off to its full potential being CONFINED within a single template. So, although you've found something you like you need to add a              to it.

With the semi-custom design process we can tweek, pluck, enhance, dial down, edit and transform your Showit website template to look as picture perfect as the couples on your website.

Best part is you don't have to worry about how it's all going to happen. Consider me your fairy god website designer, make a wish, point and poof it shall happen that way. 


Semi-Custom Website Design is right for you if ...

you want it done right

Your business is growing and you want to hire a professional to build your website. You want it done once and done right. But you're not ready for the investment that comes with a fully custom website & brand. 

Being unique is important

The Semi-Custom design process ensure that your website doesn't come out looking like you used a template. We can customize the template as much or as little as you want so it's authentic to your brand.

can't find the right template

You have multiple templates sitting in your shopping cart and you cannot pick just one because you like different elements from different templates. The Semi-Custom design process is perfect for you.

This is me

Semi-Custom Website Design Experience

The Semi-Custom Website Design experience is specially designed to create the perfect pieces from your Showit template and add custom designed elements to create an authentic to you website.

✓ Brand & Website Discovery Questionnaire
✓ Kickoff Meeting
✓ Assistance picking out the perfect template

✓ Brand review
✓ Brand Discovery meeting
✓ Brand design including Colour Palette & Typography (No Logo)

✓ Showit template install
✓ Semi-custom design for desktop & mobile up to 8 pages
✓ Customization of fonts, colours, photos, content, and branding to match
✓ Rearranging canvas order in your template
✓ Up to 8 custom canvas designs
✓ Basic SEO (Page titles / descriptions / image tags)
✓ Blog setup/migration
✓ Google Analytics setup in Showit
✓ 2 revision call
✓ SSL Certificate Setup

✓ Choice of Showit Template from JMC Shop
✓ Post launch zoom meeting to walk you through your new website
Content Blueprint ($79 value)
SEO Kickstart Guide ($199 value)
✓ 1 month free Showit (for new accounts)
✓ $500 off SEO FOR SHOWIT service

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Investment starts at: 4200

The experience includes:

*Payment plan available.

turnaround 3-4 weeks

✓ Inventory Wishlist with GoodShuffle Pro
✓ Shop page with checkout using Thrivecart or Shopify
✓ Branded Social Media templates

Semi Custom Website Design Process

When you book your Semi-Custom Website Design service we will have a strategy call to pick your Showit template, discuss your homework, and pick your start date.

We will discuss your current branding and dive deep into how you want your brand to evolve. I will design an elevated brand board, and offer 2 rounds of revisions.

We will have a Kickoff Call at the beginning of the week to discuss the changes that will be made to the Showit templates. I will design the home page first, and send you a preview for you to approve. Then I will complete the remainder of the site design. You will be given two opportunities to submit revision requests. The website will be finalized my the end of week 3.

Before we start

week 1: brand review

Week 2 & 3: Website Design

On page SEO will be added. The blog should also be migrated by this week, tying up any loose ends before you're ready to launch. At the end of the week we will jump on a final training call to walk you through your new website and show you how to make revisions in the future.

week 4: SEO & Launch

Your website is complete and now we're ready to launch. With custom graphics and a launch plan guide to create excitement around your new online presence. 

You're ready to launch!

How it works

Websites designed with the Showit Template customization service

Websites designed with the semi-custom design service





do you only customize your templates?




Absolutely! For the Semi-Custom Design service your first payment of 33% will be due at the of booking. The second payment is due at the start date of your project, and the final payment must be made before the website is completed on Friday of week 4 of your project.

All website designs are create on the Showit platform. It’s the best, most customizable platform on the market. Blog templates are designed in Showit for WordPress.

Of course! I love SEO, it satisfies the logical side of my brain. I have created the SEO Kickstart guide that is included with this service. It will walk you through keyword research and implementation. You can also add SEO Foundations services to your Semi-Custom Design project.

Nope.  I'm happy to work with you to find the template that best fits your business. Whether it's one of the template from my Site Shop, or anther designers template that you found in the Showit Design Market. If you have not picked out a template yet, I can help you narrow down your choices, and help you find a template that will compliment your business.

Once you accept your website quote, sign the contract and make your first payment you will be setup in my system. You will then be given an opportunity to pick your project start date. 

You will be given a list of deliverables to submit by the Friday before your start date. This will include website content, website photos and in some cases SEO. 

This process can takes 3-4 weeks, this depends on the amount of custom canvases and revisions that are requested. You will then have a chance to review and request 2 rounds of edits.  At the end you will have a website that is launch ready. I recommend transferring your domain prior to the start date, adding a coming soon page on day 1, so we can submit a blog migration before the end of week 2/3. This will ensure that your website can be fully migrated and tested at the end of the project.

Yes! In many cases clients start out with a Showit template and either don't have the time or the Showit experience to finish their project. That's where I step in. I can review what you have already started on your site, and complete the work. However please note that in some cases it may be faster & more cost effective to restart a design and do it correctly the first time.

Yes of course! Showit is a drag-and-drop website platform, so you can easily update your website. The Semi-Custom design service comes with a training call at the end to show you how to do this.

"Joanna was clear on how she could help me overhaul my brand & website. It was a metamorphosis and has changed the way I now approach my work. I am so grateful for Joanna. She was quick to communicate & always there when I needed her. I recommend Joanna, she will see your business as a whole picture. She understands the client's perspective and be able to guide you in creating the best experience for them. "

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You can book a discovery call with me here if you need some perspective and answers to some of your burning website questions.

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