If I had 1Million Dollars…

Vancouver Wedding Photographer + 1Million Dollars… What would you do?

Have you every had that dream, that you won the lotto, and then you spend the rest of the dream thinking of ways to maximize the winnings. I can honestly say that I would still be a Vancouver wedding photographer (yes I love it that much).

I am one of those people to figure out a way to maximize the money over long term. I wouldn’t move (because we love our house & neighbourhood), wouldn’t buy a bunch of things we don’t need. I would love to do some small renovations like a claw bathtub, some new furniture, and update the kitchen. I would get my husband a new car, probably a Subaru WRX sti. Plan a couple of family trips from our bucket list over the next few years and keep on going. I would still be a Vancouver wedding photographer (maybe with a few new lenses ?) and I would still love what I do. I would take up a few new hobbies like snowboarding, sailing, or designing. I feel like our days would be less stressful but not much else would change.

I know… boring!

I’d love to hear… what would you do if you had 1M dollars?

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