Let's work on building your confidence and finding your business                  . So you can grow a more profitable business.

My idea of success is designing a website that

and helping my clients gain clarity in their business along the way.



Business Coaching for Photographers

If you've found your way here you're business is not the dream you thought it would be. Being your own boss, creating a flexible schedule so you can be present in your personal life and feeling fulfilled in your career.

Instead you're feeling:
  • crushed from all of the "No's" you're hearing; 
  • humbled because you didn't realize how long it would take to grow your business
  • overworked from all the directions your business is pulling you
  • defeated that you're still not meeting your income goals.

→ Are you ready to take your photography business from part-time to full time? But not sure if you're ready to take the leap?

→ Are you constantly comparing yourself to other photographers and questioning your pricing and the quality of your services?

I’ve been there.
I’ve worked through it.
now I want to help you see success in your business.

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1-hour Intensive
"Pick My Brain"

Are you stuck? Do you need some help getting past a hurdle with your business, website, branding or SEO?  Consider me your coach & designer best friend where you can "pick my brain" and ask me anything.

The Pick My Brain intensive is right for you if you need:
→ a mindset reset. 
→ to review your offer suite.
→ a website audit.
→ a brand audit.
→ to discuss your ideal client & messaging.
→ to work through your imposter syndrome.
→ to talk through a current offer or package & review your pricing.
→ an SEO training session to learn more about SEO, and have the opportunity to ask questions. (Great for designers wanting to offer SEO with their website packages)
→ have some edits you want completed on your  Showit website.

vitrual coaching

Investment: 450


Coaching Calls

Weekly 1:1 virtual coaching for photographers wanting to dive deep into their business to find the blind spots, gain confidence, create an authentic brand & build an offer suite that will help them increase their profit without burnout. (And much more).

The 3-month Coaching is right for you if you are wanting to transform your business and create more balance in your work / life.

This program is custom built for your needs. Past clients have wanted to work on:
→ mindset, confidence, comparison, 
 imposter syndrome
→ identifying their ideal client &  brand voice
→ creating a transformation statement
→ building an offer suite
→ email marketing & lead magnets
→ client experience
→ building a marketing plan

virtual coaching

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Investment: 4500


2-hour Intensive

Do you prefer to work collaboratively in the same room? So do I!  This 2-hour intensive is an in-person coaching time tailor made to the biggest struggles plaguing your business right now.  
Currently available in Vancouver & Port Coquitlam, Canada.

The Coaching intensive is right for you if you are wanting to dive deep into one area like:
→ your offerings and build an offer suite that will help them increase their profit without burnout.
→ your funnels and find where your your clients are not converting.
→ your process and see where you can add automation or use systems to save time and be more profitable.
→ a website audit for design, conversion and SEO, and edits to your Showit website.
→ SEO training and setting up a solid SEO foundation on your Showit website

in-person coaching

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Investment: 1200


I look at my new branding and finally feel like my brand aesthetics match the heartbeat of its soul. I loved working with Joanna and she is so thorough, intuitive and personable. She is super efficient and in constant communication which makes the process that more much special as it moves along quickly. I look at my branding with so much admiration, pride and connection and I really feel like it resonates so deeply! Joanna, you are incredibly talented! Thank you SO much! 

Ashley Strong Smith

Great things are not done by impulse, but by a            of small things brought together.

Vincent Van Gogh


I totally get it, you're wanting to build a profitable business that allows you to be creative and work with the clients that see the value in your work and appreciate your talent.

Attracting your ideal client to your website is one thing. But actually creating offers with confidence that bring you profit and creating systems in your business so that you can sustain your growth is another.

Together we can dive deep into your income goals and create an offer suite that will help you grow your business with confidence. 

wedding photographer, designer & business coach.

Hey! I'm Joanna

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book a consultation

Let's create offerings that magnetize the type of clients that will  grow your business without overwhelm and create the processes to help you feel supported.

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