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Step confidently into the world of high-end photography and weddings with our Brand Design Service. I'm here to transform your brand into a magnetic force, one that resonates with your dream clients. Through our strategic design process, your unique story becomes a powerful tool, making your brand truly exceptional. Let's create a brand that speaks to your vision and elevates your presence, giving you the edge in your industry. It's time to captivate and conquer through the irresistible power of brand attraction.

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Understanding Your Ideal Client

It's crucial to identify your ideal clients, understanding their preferences and pain points. This guides us in crafting a brand that resonates with them, ensuring your website engages and converts the right audience.

Why we Always start with Brand Design

Setting the Website Vibe

Your brand design sets the tone for your online presence. It dictates the colors, fonts, and visuals that convey your brand's personality and values, ensuring a seamless and memorable user experience on your website.

Consistency Across Platforms

A finalized brand design guarantees consistency across all marketing platforms, from your website to social media and beyond. This uniformity reinforces your brand's identity, building trust and professionalism among your audience. It's the key to a cohesive and credible online presence.

how this works

Brand Experience

Brand Consultation

Our journey begins with a virtual meeting where we delve deep into your aspirations. We discuss your target audience, values, and the desired ambiance of your website. This consultation ensures that your brand story shines through in every aspect of your design.

Mood Board

Next, we embark on creating a mood board that encapsulates the essence of your brand. It's a visual playground of ideas, colors, and concepts that will guide the design process, ensuring we're aligned with your vision.

Logo Design

Your logo is your brand's face. We meticulously craft a logo that symbolizes your identity and resonates with your audience, making an unforgettable impression. We offer not one but two rounds of revisions to ensure it's perfect. Additionally, you'll receive a main logo and two alternative logos, providing versatility and flexibility for various applications.

Fonts & Colours

The magic is in the details. We carefully select fonts and colors that harmonize with your brand's personality. This step ensures consistency and cohesion in your visual identity.

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Finally, we celebrate the transformation of your brand. With a unique identity in hand, you're ready to embark on your online journey with confidence. Your brand is now a captivating magnet for your ideal audience.

step five

Brand Design Experience

Brand design is the cornerstone of your online success. It enables you to connect with your ideal clients, establish the right vibe for your website, and maintain a consistent and professional brand identity across all marketing platforms. For these reasons, we require a completed brand design before initiating any website project. It ensures that your online presence is not only visually appealing but also strategically aligned with your business goals and audience. Let's create a brand that captivates and builds lasting connections before we take the next step in your digital journey.

✓ Brand Discovery Questionnaire
✓ Kickoff Meeting *
✓ Current Brand review

✓ Primary Logo *
✓ Logo Variation *
✓ Typography + 4 Font Pairings
✓ Color Palette (6-8 colors)
✓ Mood Board
✓ Logo Files + Full Rights *
✓ Photoshop files *

✓ 15% off for Tonic Site Shop

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Brand Design 1800 *
Brand Design (No Logo) 650

Brand Design experience includes:

brand board only option creates in CANVA & does not include logo design
payment plan available. prices in USD.

turnaround 5 days


"I look at my new logo and branding and finally feel like my brand esthetics match the heartbeat of its soul."

— Ashley strong photography

I loved working with Joanna and she is so thorough, intuitive and personable. She is super efficient and in constant communication which makes the process that more much special as it moves along quickly. I look at my website and branding with so much admiration, pride and connection and I really feel like it resonates so deeply! My favorite part of the process was her having me create a Pinterest board, not only on my logo, but on if my brand was a room! It was SO helpful to really feel and visualize into this process. Joanna, you are incredibly talented! Thank you SO much! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Branding is like the personality of your business – it helps people connect with you on a deeper level. Think of it as the friendly face and heart behind your services or products. It sets you apart and makes you memorable.

Why does branding really matter for my business?


With our signature brand design process, the journey typically spans just 5 days. We've fine-tuned our approach to deliver a captivating brand identity efficiently without compromising quality.

How long can I expect the brand design journey to take?


Absolutely! Your brand design is your visual signature, and it's meant to be versatile. From your website and business cards to social media and flyers, it should shine consistently and professionally across all platforms.

Can I use my brand design on everything?


No worries! Many folks start with a vague idea or a blank canvas. We kickstart the process with a brand questionnaire and consultation at the beginning of the project. It's a creative journey we embark on together, ensuring your brand truly reflects you and speaks to your audience.

What if I'm not sure what I want my brand to be like?


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Let's craft your unique identity and magnetize your audience. Start your brand design journey with us today and watch your business soar!


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