6 Reasons Why a Niche is Important

You may have heard the saying before if you try and speak to everyone you end up speaking to no one. So why do you need to niche your business? An important part of growing your business is delivering a clear message. Knowing who your ideal client allows you to create clear marketing for that audience. When you have a niche it helps you to really define your ideal client, and create clear messaging for that client. This will help your business grow, and move in a direction that you want.

Niche your business

no. 1 It’s easier to deliver clear messaging

When you niche down your business you create a much more specific ideal client. This makes it easier to target your ideal client in your marketing. Whether it’s creating an audience for a Facebook Ad, or creating content for an Instagram post. When you niche you can speak to that specific client, use their lingo.

no. 2 Ideal Clients will become more engaged

When you start speaking to your new ideal client based on your niche you will start to see more engagement in your social media posts. Your ideal client will know you are speaking to them directly. If your niche is speaking to California brides, you can start a post with “Hey Cali Brides, are you ready for a beach engagement session with wavey surf hair…..” and they know you’re talking directly to them. This will make them stop scrolling and comment and like your posts more.

no. 3 Reduces your competition

There are probably lots of competitors in your space, photographers, wedding planners, florists, however, when you create a niche for yourself you create a smaller group of competitors. There may be 100 wedding planners in Scottsdale, Arizona, but maybe only 15 of them work exclusively at golf courses, and 5 of them offer floral packages as well. The more niche you get with your business, the more unique your offer, the fewer competitors there will be in your space.

no. 4 Make it easier to get referrals

It makes it a whole lot easier for your past clients and friends to refer you to their friends if they know exactly what you do. When you niche you become an expert in that niche, and it’s easier for someone to have the confidence to refer you.  It’s easier for a client to refer an awesome “Wedding Photographer” they’ve worked with, rather than a “Photographer that shoots a bit of everything”.

no. 5 Easier to create a strategic website

It’s much easier to create a strategic website with clear messaging when you niche down and know exactly who your ideal client is. Different audiences will look at your website in different ways. If you’re a photographer that offers wedding and branding photography, the bride will look for different things on your website vs the small business owner that needs lifestyle brand photos. When you niche you can speak directly to that client and create a clearer message on your website about your offer and services.

no. 6 Grow your business

I always ask clients how they ended up where they are today. The clients that have had a niche from early in their business have a much clearer path to their growth, they rarely fall into what they do, or stumble upon it by accident. Their growth is intentional because they know where they want their business to go.

Can you niche too quickly?

Yes! I think it’s a good idea to niche early in your business, but it’s a good idea to first try all the different things before you decide on the niche that inspires you.

Can you niche too far?

Absolutely! One thing you want to be careful of is niching too far, yes there is such a thing. If you make your niche too specific then you may run into the issue of making your ideal client pool too small. What is too far? A wedding photographer in Southern Utah that only works with couples that have purple flowers on their wedding day. You may have a tough time finding clients in this niche. Try backing up a bit to: Southern Utah wedding photographer working with adventurous couples.

Need help?

When creating your ideal client avatar or niching your business, it’s a great idea to talk it over with someone that understands what you’re trying to do. I offer coaching calls for photographers wanting to grow their business with clear messaging.

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