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Golden Eagles and Westwood Plateau Golf Club Wedding

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Sheena & Adam are two amazing people that you just want to get to know and have in your lives way past the boundaries of a regular work relationship. Their Westwood plateau wedding was picture perfect.

The proposal

Sheena & Adam met through mutual friends, and the first bit of their relationship there was some long distance. The couple got engaged while Adam was still living in Edmonton. Sheena went out for the weekend just before Remembrance Day, 2016. They went downtown for and evening on the town and stayed at the Fairmont Hotel. Adam made dinner reservations at a fancy restaurant and just before they left for dinner, he suggested that they have a drink on the beautiful stone patio at the back of the hotel that overlooks the Saskatchewan river.

To their surprise there wasn’t a single person out there at the time. Sheena sat her down on an antique bench, Adam told her he wanted to get a picture of her with the lit up hotel in the background. He got down on one knee and proposed. She said yes! The dinner ended up being a beautiful celebration.

The ceremony surprise

Sheena and Adam had a bit of a trick up their sleeves for the guests at their wedding. As the ceremony started, Adam and his groomsmen were standing at the front waiting for the bridesmaids and bride to start walking down the aisle. The bridesmaids came one by one, and then everyone turned to see the bride…. but she wasn’t there. No one was. The guests all started to look around, look at Adam and think… oh no… what’s happening. Just then a helicopter scooped by the ceremony site; it took a wide turn around Golden Eagles Golf Club and landed on the greens just behind the ceremony. Out came the bride & her father. It was the grandest entrance I have ever seen.

The days festivities continued in this fashion, lots of fun and great celebration. Here are some amazing photos from this Golden Eagles Golf Club ceremony & Westwood Plateau Wedding.

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