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V+C: Redwoods Golf Club

One of my favourite weddings even was this summer, Victoria & Chris’s Redwoods Golf Club wedding. They celebrated with 100+ of their dearest family and friends. Their wedding was glamours, elegant and beautifully designed. It was also lovely because Redwoods Golf Club had just recently been renovated, and made a stunning backdrop for these two love birds.

Victoria & Chris work for the same company although not in the same office, they met one day when Victoria had to deliver something to Chris’ office. I asked them about the proposal, and it’s truly the sweetest thing…

“Chris & I had to travel to Kelowna for a grand opening of our new location for work. We stayed at the Hotel El Dorado which is a very nice boutique hotel, and I thought just a perk of Chris’ recent promotion. Turns out, my entire company knew what was going on!
We finished the grand opening for work and had a night of dinner & drinks with our coworkers. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little hung over the next morning where Chris dragged me out of bed under false pretenses of a big breakfast! We ended up at the Kangaroo Zoo where we held baby kangaroos and explored the grounds. We ended up grabbing breakfast and went to two wineries and tasted everything under the sun. Realizing the time approaching our hotel check out time I suggested we head back to pack and head back to Vancouver. As we got back to the hotel Chris mentioned they have a roof top patio that was just renovated and that we take a photo before leaving. Once up top overlooking one of the most gorgeous views in the Okanagan, Chris took a few steps behind me, when I turned around, Chris was down on one knee and asked me the marry him. It was one of the best days of my life! We stayed on the rooftop a few minutes to privately celebrate before spreading the news to family & friends. It was the best feeling being with my fiance before the world knew, even if it was just for fifteen minutes.”

I’m so thrilled to share their amazing wedding on the blog today, not just because it’s beautiful (it really is), or that it’s my best work (but it really is); but that these two have become more than just clients in my calendar. They have become great friends and I cannot wait to see where the journey of life and marriage takes them. ❤️


Redwood Golf Club wedding at sunset.

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