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Ye0a78f65ds today is my birthday.

As a child I used to love birthdays, my birthday always symbolized the start of the summer. Fun, warmth, carefree days. I have had many (more than I want to count) amazing birthdays.

I remember my 6th birthday party at McDonalds, the play area with hamburgler and merry-go-around.

My 16th birthday at the Hard Rock Cafe Vancouver, and wanting to die as I was told to stand up on a chair in the middle of the restaurant and sing Happy Birthday… to myself!

My 26th birthday was quite memorable, we were living in the Cayman Islands, I wasn’t feeling well and just wanted to hang out in the house, but hubby was obsessed on taking me on a birthday picnic to the beach, I finally caved and went. That was the day my hubby proposed on a beautiful secluded beach. I really though, no other birthday can ever top this birthday.

firstandlastdayThis year… age – unknown – ha! My son going to his last day of Kindergarten. I actually cannot believe that we are here. My babies are growing up to be amazing little men, strong, smart, and happy. I am blessed.


Happy Birthday to me!

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