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There are some things about ourselves that we feel everyone should know because they are so obvious to us. However, I’ve realized that not everything is as obvious as it seems to people that we are meeting for the first time, and they really know nothing about us! So I thought I would start a Get to Know Joanna post series. Each week I’ll have a post that will help you get to know ME!

Did you know… I was born in Poland, and speak fluent Polish!

I was born in the early 80’s and grew up in a little town in Poland.

Yes, I speak fluent Polish. I’m happy to converse in Polish with clients, and their family at weddings.

Yes, I have worked at the Polish Community Centre (Zgoda) in Vancouver.

Yes, I love pierogi, sernik, placki ziemniaczane, rosół, barszcz, naleśniki, paczki, Łazanki, pierogi, pierogi & pierogi!


Photo credit: Unknown – found online.

The Polish side of me

Behind the Scenes


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