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Detail photos for Instagram

You receive your newest subscription box with a bunch of new goodies, you look at all the pretty packaging and think I can totally take a beautiful detail photo of all my new treats for Instagram (or enter other social media platform you use here). You grab your phone you arrange your products all nice on the floor or the counter you take the photo, and it’s not quite what you had in mind. You take another photo from a different angle and again, it’s not looking like all those other pretty photos that you see online, and you’re not sure why? Here’s a little tutorial on how to make take those cute product shots, quick easy and beautiful!

What you’ll need: 2-3 poster white foam poster boards from the dollar store. A spot in your house with good natural light. Your camera or phone. Plus whatever you’re shooting.

You will setup your little DIY studio by placing one of the boards on the floor (or table). I like the floor because then I don’t have stand on a chair if I want a shot from above. Then take the other form board and fold it in half so that it can stand up on it’s own, or if you can rest it on something then you don’t have to fold it, and you’re going to place this board on the opposite side of where your light is coming from, which will be the shadowy side of the board that is on the floor. You’ll notice when you put the board there, the floor board will look brighter. If you have another dark spot you can put the other board there. The boards that are standing up are just reflecting the natural light back towards the area where you’ll be taking your photo. Now you’re ready to arrange your products on your floor board.

Once you have your products all nicely arranged  you’re ready to take your photos. Whatever angle you decide to take your photos from, whether from above or from the side, just make sure you’re not standing between your light source, in my case above the window, and your products.

This is my first #Boxycharm box and it had some really nice goodies inside, so I’m going to share that with you!! The flat black box is a Quad Eye travel set by Luxie Beauty, The big white hollogram-y box is Illuminating setting spray by Cover FX, The eyeshadow palette is by Winkylux, three Collagen lip masks by KNC Beauty and Cloud Lips (lip stick) by Laqa & Co. These were just taken with my IPhone 6.


If you have any questions about product and details shots, leave them in the comments and I’ll get back to you!




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