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10 Must have bridesmaids photos

Wedding days can be chaotic! Sometimes there is not a lot of time left for bridal party photos. 15 minutes goes by really fast when you’re trying to organize 5 or 6 excited ladies that all have an idea of what type of photo they want to do. Here is my go to list of seven must have photos of the bridesmaids at the end of the wedding day.

1. Morning getting ready. I always like to have a photo of the girls in their robes (if they have them) just after they have all their hair and makeup done just before the bride is going to get into her wedding dress.

2. Helping the bride get ready. I ask all of the bridesmaids to be ready and dressed fully when they help the bride get into her dress so that they are happy with the way they look in the brides getting ready photos.

3. First Look. I love to get a shot of when the bridesmaids see the FINAL outfit of the bride in all of her glory.

4. Closeup group shot showing the friendship within the bridal party. This photo I’ll take a few times horizontal, vertical, full length and close up.

5. Elegant portrait full length. 

6. Close-up / Details. I like to get a photo of the bouquets with all of the bridesmaids in the photo. I love the colours from the dresses and the flowers together.

7. Sassy portrait (aka Resting Bitch Face). All of the bridesmaids like to have a few bad add editorial photos. You know they mean business.

8. Individual photos with the bride. Each bridesmaid has her own special friendship with the bride, and I like to have a special photo for each of them.

9. Back of dress. Can’t forget the back of the dress, and the amazing hair!

10. Something fun and a little candid. Show off the dynamic of the group, catch them when they’re not paying attention that you’re there, get them all to look up, or don’t. Such a cute photo!



  1. Mindy Leigh says:

    All great images, and such a great variety of pictures brides should all want!

  2. Kayla Grey says:

    These are such cute pictures! Love the tips! These are definitely must haves for the bride & bridesmaids!

  3. These are awesome go to shots! I know every bride and her squad would love these!

  4. Misty says:

    These are all great ideas for bridal party shots!!

  5. Jessica says:

    Oooh! I love the shot of the girls helping her get ready!!

  6. veronica says:

    bridesmaid first looks are my favorite bridesmaids shot! 🙂

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